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Common Questions

How can SUCULTURE help?

Browse through related topics and articles. Using the platform’s Common Questions can be an effective way to resolve issues. If you need further help, to report a problem, or can’t find what you require, you can get in touch via email.

Account or Technical Problems.

First, double-check to see if there is an error message.

Error Message: Wrong Username.

In this instance, check that the Username or email address provided has been entered correctly. Ensure that there are no commas, semicolon, spaces, or extra dots. In addition:

  • Check to see that you have entered the correct domain name ie; .co.uk for .com
  • Was your account created with a different email address ie; a work-based email?

Bear in mind that email addresses on SUCULTURE are usually not case sensitive; so [email protected] is identical to [email protected]

Error Message: The password you entered for the Username is incorrect.

To protect your account effectively, passwords at SUCULTURE are numerical and case sensitive. As a result, MyIdentification will be different from my identification.

If you are experiencing difficulty using your password, you may want to reset it by clicking the link “Lost your password?” on the log in page and Reset Password.

Note: Keeping your Account Secure. To add an extra layer of protection to your account password you should include at least one number or one special character (@,#,$, etc.).

No Error Messages

If there are no error messages, and you are still having difficulty accessing your SUCULTURE account, this is most likely an issue with antivirus or security software.

  • Double-check to see if you have any antivirus, privacy or security software installed that might be blocking cookies, and temporarily disable this. Additionally, it may be advisable to include SUCULTURE as a trusted site on your computer.

If you are still experiencing difficulty, try clearing your cookies and cache; or alternatively, contact us.

Modifying your post or message?

Click on the “Edit” button at the bottom of the message. Here you will be able to edit or amend your post.

Modifying your personal details?

Go to your profile, click the drop-down and go to settings. Click on the “Profile Settings”; “Account Settings”; “Widget Settings”; “Change Avatar”; “Change Password”, edit and save.

Placing a photo on my profile?

Go to your profile. Click on overview, edit, upload image and save.

Creating an account.

Registration is a prerequisite to accessing the full benefits of SUCULTURE, contributing to discussions, including sending private messages. Clicking on the Login/Register button at the top of the homepage leads you ultimately to the registration page. Enter your username, email, location and password. You should receive a notification and welcome email to your email address requiring you to Activate Your Account. You should now be able to login and begin your SUCULTURE journey. For help, please contact us.

No Notification or Welcoming Email?

Check your spam/junk folder and add [email protected] to your email’s safe list.


SUCULTURE has been designed as a community where trust and interconnectivity matters. Clicking on a member’s profile provides you with several important pieces of information:

  • Information about the user, their portfolio, media, preferred username.
  • Their history, how long they’ve been posting on SUCULTURE, active posts and discussions, friends, reviews e.t.c.

This helps increase the credibility of members and the community. A user’s profile will most likely have no ‘user history’ if they’re new to SUCULTURE

Managing your privacy

Add and Edit Your Profile Info and choose who you share it with.

Some of the information on your SUCULTURE profile will be visible to other members. If you’re concerned and will like to manage what information people can see about you, go to your profile, click the drop-down and go to Profile Settings. Amend, click “Change” and “Save Changes”. You can also restrict what can be seen on your profile at the time of Registration.

Why has My Post been Removed or Deleted?

This means that your post may have violated one of our site policies. Here, a notification will usually be sent to your email address informing you of which policy you have violated. Please review our General Posting Policies.

Deactivating your account

Login to SUCULTURE.com. Go to your profile, click the drop-down and go to Account Settings. Click “Delete Account”. You’ll see a screen advising you on the implications of deleting your Account. Tick the confirmation button, indicating that you understand. Your Account will be deactivated and you will receive an email confirmation.

Is membership free?

Membership on SUCULTURE is free. You can partake in discussions on a range of topics and forums/platforms, like, create, initiate friendship requests, and respond to Private Messages (“PM’s”).

General Posting Policies.

Avoiding Discrimination.

Everybody expects and is worthy of the utmost decorum and deference. This inalienability is enshrined in not just natural laws, but human ethics and codes. Therefore, SUCULTURE frowns on discrimination in all its forms and we expect this to be reflected in the spirit and the letter of your posts; giving all equal access to the benefits of the site.


At SUCULTURE, we depend on our community to ensure everything works seamlessly, and, to keep everything as it should be. This can be done by flagging a message for review. We’ll aim to work with the author to help get things right. Needless to say, we reserve the right at our discretion to decline or delete content that we feel is inappropriate and breaches the community ethos and the Terms of Use. In addition to this, we reserve the right at our discretion to restrict a User’s continued usage of the site either on a temporary or permanent basis, and the refusal of a user’s reregistration.

Reporting Bad Activity: If you’ve seen something that violates our General Posting Policy and Terms of Use.

Click on the “Report” link at the bottom of the message and we will investigate the violation further.

Reporting Bad Activity: If you’ve found content on the site that appears offensive, defamatory or inappropriate.

Click on the “Report” link at the bottom of the message, email, or contact us through our contact us page, and we’ll aim to act promptly.

Please also take the following guidelines into consideration before posting:

SUCULTURE’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the SUCULTURE community remains safe for all members. SUCULTURE prohibits any posts, item or discussion that is dangerous or illegal, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. SUCULTURE prohibits all posts or items which promotes hate, discrimination, or stereotypes of any kind or against a particular group of people.

All posts must be listed in the most appropriate category/forum.


The health and wellbeing of our community is our utmost priority. Mindful of the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic we actively encourage our community to follow the relevant advise on safeguards and the pandemic.

SUCULTURE is a valuable platform and we urge members to support each other, and create local support networks – checking on neighbours and those who are vulnerable, shopping or collecting groceries for others, creating interactive groups, living, breathing and practising wellness and a positive lifestyle.

SUCULTURE is committed to ensuring the support of our community and helping each other in a productive, transformative and safe way.